Anatomy and physiology of life

Spirit of the scenario.

Remember that you can pick between the two crisis to make tension fit in your story and genre; this reasonable and wise choice will make your story stand out and create reality, even if it is a fantastical story--i.e., reality is about how well the details and the carrying out of the story is evoked in the mind of the viewer.

The free mind of a human god!

Sage within.

Once you discover this within yourself, than you accept yourself as you are and feel and others as they are and feel, and you then reach true and immense wisdom which creates enormous value to connect with others and build bridges to all prosperity out into the world around you and far from all anxiety and stress brought by your intellect/ego.

Poetry and prose from the heart.

The hidden substance of it all.

And the creations were many and rich, creative and destructive, beautiful and ugly, of light and of dark; and, so, life was competition now because it was dual—i.e. two poles, two opposites, better and worse, rich and poor, God’s Eternal Mind and the lower beings’ mortal minds.

Anatomy and physiology of life

The dark cloud.

Nobody on earth is perfect, so perfection does not connect people, it distances people and it distances you from your real art. Do not be afraid of writing and developing ideas. You are in command if you wish to be and start writing patiently but steadily. Rome was not built in a day.

Stories to ponder.

Doosh and the word ‘blue’… (2-min. read)

Blue. It is a good color, isn’t it? He took the last sip of coffee and stomped off back to his bedroom to get dressed... The word 'blue' wandered through his wobbly mind in search of something to connect with.