Stories to ponder.

The transfiguration.

...After several minutes had passed under stress and thoughts of grim death, the man dares finally ask, "Who--Who are you...??" The Deceiver responds in a haughty and soothing tone after a poised chuckle, "You know who I am, Adam. You brought me here, to this... place you chose."

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

Fire and Ice…

"When truth has no burning, then it is philosophy, when it gets burning from the heart, it becomes poetry."  ~ Muhammad Iqbal; British-Indian philosopher, poet, academic, politician, barrister and scholar. Fire and Ice, Love And Fear Godly ripples in the ether of mind, Rich essence of me without bind. Monsters and ghouls as rulers behest,… Continue reading Fire and Ice…

Anatomy and physiology of life

Spirit of the scenario.

Remember that you can pick between the two crisis to make tension fit in your story and genre; this reasonable and wise choice will make your story stand out and create reality, even if it is a fantastical story--i.e., reality is about how well the details and the carrying out of the story is evoked in the mind of the viewer.

Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Magic Sword.

Hellish sounds and ghoulish voices tormented him that night of profound fate, Without his freedom for several days and nights the suffering was great; But, suddenly, there was a light which exploded and conquered darkness! WOW!-- It was a beautiful sword, its glint, its power, its sharpness!

Anatomy and physiology of life

The genius of storytelling.

See, storytelling is the profound understanding of when tension is growing, remaining leveled, and when it is slackening; hence, if you are not keen or master of this process, chances are, you will not be very good at expressing yourself and connecting to people through the great art of storytelling, even though your intentions and wishes to connect may be heartfelt.