Self-help life truths.

The powerful and wise ally.

Impatience rushes the universe like rushing the construction of a building--i.e. if you rush the construction of a building, then, the workers won't use the best materials and methods to build, so the building will be crooked and of weak foundation, and soon it will crumble into pieces over your head.

Business mind.

Winning quality.

Keep going, even though you may see only tragedy and hurt in your path at the moment, because fear and courage are two sides of the same coin; which is why the fearful can become the fearless literally in the wink of an eye, for it only takes the wisdom to mentally turn around that coin and jump from fearful to fearless, and thus change your conscious awareness of life, of your reality, and of what you should do to reach your goals. And this is my own experience.

Business mind.

The diamond in the rough (1-min. read)

But as the volcanic activity happens and brings these diamonds in the rough up to the surface, they transform or transmute into something exceedingly valuable and rare; as you can see in the example, this same volcanic activity in us is the sheer will or unrelenting desire to bring these raw energies (diamonds in the rough) up to the surface of our own minds to be converted or transmuted into powerful self-discipline we can use to better ourselves and our lives.

Anatomy and physiology of life

The dark cloud.

Nobody on earth is perfect, so perfection does not connect people, it distances people and it distances you from your real art. Do not be afraid of writing and developing ideas. You are in command if you wish to be and start writing patiently but steadily. Rome was not built in a day.

The free mind of a human god!

The lone wolf (1-min. read)

Being alone is a source of incredible energy and great wisdom for the mind, and that is why great artists and innovators, as well as great spiritual teachers, have talked about the power of creativity flowing from the depths of the subconscious (subconscious which can only be accessed through the process of being alone and in peace and acceptance of oneself and others).