Self-help life truths.

The bird that flies.

Being creative and engaging in activities that create good thoughts and feelings in us, specially when darkness and misery knock our psychological door, is the biggest and most important tool life, in its wisdom, has given us to battle these demons of darkness.

Business mind.

Mastermind (PART 3)

Challenges in life will only make you stronger and wiser to your goal if you have a strong and organized foundation, but if your foundation is weak and disorganized then they will depress you and bring you down with the first blow; so, like the professional boxer before the grand fight, you have to visualize the opponent beforehand and analyze his form and style, then you can understand the mindset you must espouse in order to be prepared to resist the blows or even to get back up.

Business mind.

Mastermind (PART 1)

Both mental processes start with conscious energies which are transmuted into kinetic energies. Both mental processes have a strong intention which needs a deliberate action. The great issue here is the commitment, the great energy quantity, to that desire to afford the steps of mastermind; because the commitment to food is not the same as the commitment to professional success, or the great quantity of energy behind satiating your desire for food is not the same as the great quantity of energy behind reaching professional success.