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The search for inspiration.

  Life is about following your passions, your heart, your bliss.  Seek inspiration in the smallest things to keep going.  Inspiration is found in the journey.  Set your mind, reach for goals, and on the way you will find inspiration; because it is about self-development and giving your best.   For this, you must stay… Continue reading The search for inspiration.

Self-help life truths. · The free mind of a human god!

Hidden paradise.

Success and happiness are about how you’ve grown as a person, discovering yourself beyond the world’s influence. Some people live their whole lives never making that journey of discovery. So, if you are discovering yourself in any way, you are...

Self-help life truths.

The Great One!

And the key to all progress: Do something you enjoy, because it might take you a long time to realize your goal or dream, and the only thing that is going to stop you from quitting and give you desire and energy to continue is the enjoyment you get from what you do.