Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

What is it…??

  The flaming spirit Convoluted and confused my thoughts became when my eyes fell Upon the form of the beautiful and majestic mare. In front of me after I had awoken myself it was presented, The intense color, the magnetic energy, the heavenly scented. It took away my worries and fears as it reminded me… Continue reading What is it…??

Stories to ponder.

The transfiguration.

...After several minutes had passed under stress and thoughts of grim death, the man dares finally ask, "Who--Who are you...??" The Deceiver responds in a haughty and soothing tone after a poised chuckle, "You know who I am, Adam. You brought me here, to this... place you chose."

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

Fire and Ice…

"When truth has no burning, then it is philosophy, when it gets burning from the heart, it becomes poetry."  ~ Muhammad Iqbal; British-Indian philosopher, poet, academic, politician, barrister and scholar. Fire and Ice, Love And Fear Godly ripples in the ether of mind, Rich essence of me without bind. Monsters and ghouls as rulers behest,… Continue reading Fire and Ice…

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

The Sexiest Part of a Woman

--The sexiest part of a woman-- If you look deeper, Than the exterior, That is where you will find The sexiest part of a woman; Is not her body Or pretty face; The sexiest part of a woman Is in her mind... That is where she hides away, The kinky side, The naughty girl, The… Continue reading The Sexiest Part of a Woman

Poetry and prose from the heart. · Stories to ponder.

Within our kiss.

A passionate kiss which communicates deep affection and share connection goes beyond two lips touching, it goes beyond the thoughts you have during that magic kiss. This kiss is the merging of two souls into one, going back to Source/God for the moment that kiss lasts where no space and time are limitations.

Poetry and prose from the heart.

The richest man alive!

Walking in nature and even closing my eyes, while avoiding thought and the emotions thought carries, a deeper meditation, connects me to what we call God and the beauty that is beyond man-maned beauty--i.e., man-made beauty which depicts in fine paintings, inspirational movies, great poetry, beautiful cars, etc.

Anatomy and physiology of life

Spirit of the scenario.

Remember that you can pick between the two crisis to make tension fit in your story and genre; this reasonable and wise choice will make your story stand out and create reality, even if it is a fantastical story--i.e., reality is about how well the details and the carrying out of the story is evoked in the mind of the viewer.

Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Magic Sword.

Hellish sounds and ghoulish voices tormented him that night of profound fate, Without his freedom for several days and nights the suffering was great; But, suddenly, there was a light which exploded and conquered darkness! WOW!-- It was a beautiful sword, its glint, its power, its sharpness!