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BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman.

"BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman." My upcoming young adult novel. A mystery/fantasy story of purpose, courage, and magic.

Book reviews · Stories to ponder.

Love and anarchy: a poetry chapbook.

This is a poetry review.  I chose to read this one because it brings a new side of life.  I do not smoke.  I do not drink.  I do not choose to see the tragedy in life.  And yet, this work of poetry is very moving, and it expands my mind into understanding other aspects. … Continue reading Love and anarchy: a poetry chapbook.

Stories to ponder.

The whole truth.

The truth is liberating. So what kind of mind holds the truth...?? A mind must be free from fear, from corruption, from vanity. It is fear. It is this sheer vanity what makes us lie. One lies to pretend, or to hide mistakes, or to win self-satisfaction. This mind is filled by its own vanity,… Continue reading The whole truth.