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Without masks.

What is moral character...?? What is integrity..?? What are true moral values...?? Today, many people fail to realize that attitude, behavior, habit, is everything that makes a better human being. Words are just that: Words. So, let's say you have great talent for something specifically, and this makes you be proud of yourself and attract… Continue reading Without masks.

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FREE DOWNLOAD. Fantasy/mystery novel.

Hello friends and fantasy book lovers. This blogpost is to inform you that I have created a landing page where anyone interested in reading my young adult fantasy/mystery novel can download it for free. This is a sample chapter: Chat with a Necromancer. Landing page link to download for free the full book: Thanks for… Continue reading FREE DOWNLOAD. Fantasy/mystery novel.

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Chat with a Necromancer.

Then the man continued, “They were following you. You stink, boy! You know, because of the curse and all. And they caused the train’s derailment because they are just terrible imps without a soul. What did you think?!”