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The Art of Love.


So, love is not what you think, or what you feel, as nice as these can be for you. When you say “I love you,” you are really feeding your own ego, which is okay; however, you must truly understand, love cannot exist in a word, for love is an action, today, now, even if you are upset.  Words of “love” do not have real validity, they only satisfy your ravenous ego.

To truly love is an art that most people, even though they form relationships and satisfy each other, do not seem able to master.  A desire, a passionate feel, a joyful sensation–these are manifestations of thinking, of a thought.  Let me ask you, and be honest with yourself now:  Do you reduce and belittle love to be just a mere satisfying thought…??  If you do, then you do not understand and experience true love, as most unconscious people do not.

“An Infinite Ocean.”

You can study me all you want,
You can mention me all you want,
You can obsess over me all you want;
But only beyond that desire you and I exist.
You must surrender yourself to it to know it.

So, if anyone asks you about the art of love,
And about how to love, and about our love,
Tell them that there exists no spoken love,
That our love is not how the flower looks,
That our love is not what your mind knows.

And if you wonder why the sky is so blue today,
Or why our attraction is so mystically powerful,
Or why you feel this way and you cannot hide it,
Then stop your mind and kiss me on the lips;
For to love me is to love you without thought.

We loved each other long before this thought.
We knew each other long before this poem.
Love is an infinite ocean which exists in us,
The rest is just an unreal agony muddying it;
So, you and I are the ocean without the agony.





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