The Lover.

A true lover loves life.  Life is the lover.  There is no separation.  One and the same.


When people tend to “love” other people, and things, and systems and situations, there comes confusion, ego activity, political games, attachment which leads to suffering.

But there is no freedom in this.  And true love is freedom, absolute freedom.  So when you are a true lover, you reject all systems of politics and competition in life.

And so, with a mind which remains liberated and harmonious, you seek to share your love with all life, like the stars shed light and like The Sun shares energy.

And you occupy your time sharing your love, for there is no time to argue and hate, or envy and compete, or be negative and frustrated.  You just become this lover all the time.

The Lover Plays

The lover feels one with all,
He spends time with himself,
He meets his love every day.
Ever joyful and of good spirits,
He claims what it calls to him.
The lover rejects arguments,
He seeks himself in harmony
And does not befriend noise.
A light unto himself he stays.
Freedom on his own he seeks.
In the curious playground of life
Unattached to others he plays.





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