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The purest.

Love is vastly misunderstood in society, in the world, by women and men; because it has been made a concept fitting philosophies and individual opinions tied to moods and circumstances.  Ignorant people, most people, good people, perhaps even you, love based on their changing feelings–i.e., I love you if you share my point of view, I love you if you respect my feelings, I love you if you do this for me, I love you if you appreciate what I do for you and you thank me and respect me, etc. etc.  Their “love” has expectations, a quid pro quo, a political battle for emotional recognition and worship; however, this shadow of love designed by society and by your own mind is flawed, imperfect, impure, and not free.  This is bondage, is it not…??

But true love has no designed quality and feel of the mind, and that is why it is free.  It does not belong to you or to me, but it is there.  It is not something you create by having any relationship with someone else.  It is not that you have to deserve love or that someone has to be intimate with you.  Love is the Cosmic Consciousness of the great and divine Process of Creation, and so it is in you, there, and everywhere else.  Love gives as air is there for all breathing, so do not allow your mind to confuse you on this: The highest form of love is support, giving, sharing without expecting, friendship.  Love is existence, and you exist not to take but to experience; so, when you love, you just do it for the experience and opportunity to love.

This is the highest understanding, but not an intellectual understanding; for everybody in the world if you ask them would agree, but the fact is that nobody lives it.  Nobody lives by this truth.  This truth, when actually lived in your own life, brings great illumination and awakening.  Of course, you may not see it and so make up excuses why you cannot love this way in your own life; but the mind begins to accept the truth with practice.  Practice makes perfect.  And that is what love really is: Perfection.  The purest.


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