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The flame of the eternal.


Good morning!  Feels like a poetry morning.  Let us get started then..
The flame of the eternal carries the everlasting word in the heart of two souls, by a bond so strong that it surpasses all flesh and thought…

The flame of the eternal

Allow the very flame of the eternal to speak,
Allow our true love to soar ever higher;
As the young lover of the truth does seek,
As our very souls as one ignite the fire.
And let us not be hasty in our true affections,
For patience is the very essence of love;
And let us hold all our mental preoccupations,
For you and I sing with the angels above.
The beauty you carry shines like the moon
With its mighty spell on the heart of the tide;
The smile you bring to my heart is the tune
Which is the very secret to my affections guide.
Your lovely lips drink from the eternal word,
Which gives you eternal youth and splendor;
Your innocence as sweet as the hummingbird,
Your passions grow with the love most tender.


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