The Secret.

Amidst the turmoils of the world, of your everyday life, there is need to be strong; but this strength must come from within you, your only place for refuge which is eternal, unchanging, truthful.  Beyond the pettiness of the ego which always wants to compete and win over the ignorance of others, you must find yourself, free yourself and get the energy you need to face your day.  This must be your temple, and so you have to honor it by making a daily practice of visiting these eternal waters in you–i.e., waters of youth, waters of true alchemy and high conscience on which you can always rely.  This is the secret to be yourself, strong, unique, confident; thus to be love and happiness by making it a daily practice, to visit your inner self, quiet your thinking and connect with your emotions.

“The secret.”

Beautiful women wonder where my secret lies,
For I ever rise over the fools which begin fights.
Wise men come to me for pleasant conversation,
For I give them deepness without frustration.

And the secret has existed for ages and ages;
The common mind had erased it from the pages.
It is in the fire of the human soul where you find
Confidence, strength, the love which does bind.

Can you allow it to speak in a retired place
Surrounded by peace and harmony…??
Can you quiet your thoughts in the midst
Of your mental storms fearlessly…??

That is the secret: To discover your place of love.
That is the key: To free yourself and fly like a dove.
To be strong is to rise over your own ego and fear.
To be strong is to always find within you good cheer.



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