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Emotional Adventure.

If you want to keep the love flowing, alive, burning constantly, deep and mature, make every day an adventure–prioritize adventure.  The human mind gets bored and lazy with routines in relationships and in life in general, so bring a challenge to your mind, behave consciously, assume your role as woman or man of deep emotional understanding.  This has to become more important than routine, otherwise affection will wither in time.  And by adventure I do not mean go bungee jumping or run a marathon together, and I know most of the time people do these things because they think it really creates a rising in love in them, an eternal bond which grows in them; however fine and creative these activities, I am talking about deeper understanding, activities more at the emotional level. 
Emotions and getting to the root of emotions is the key to access that power and that unity in all relationships.  See, thrills and physical adventures are fine but they speak to the intellectual level, the level of likes and dislikes, the level of the ego and its activities–which, like mentioned, are fine and enjoyable, specially in the beginning of a relationship where everything is new and exciting like the new toy, because we are getting to know and enjoy each other’s presence and attraction.  But it is the intellect where love is really…??  Can you truly find love if you live and enjoy each other from the mind’s point of view only…??  So how do you love somebody if you access only your ego/your mind/your intellectual witty and charm all the time…??  What is adventure at the emotional level in relationships…??  What is helping each other discover a deeper bond, a deeper union which can withstand all fear and challenges rising in the mind…??
Emotions are indeed what drive us.  You can have the highest IQ, be really intellectual, be a great philosopher, but emotions will drive you without a doubt; and that is why it is so important to be emotionally conscious, or emotionally connected to yourself.  In relationships, what shall build mutual bonding and unions beyond the anomalies and challenges brought by time is an emotional understanding and connection which surpasses that union of the mind–an emotional connection will drive your love for each other ever stronger, and an intellectual connection will help but it won’t be enough because the mind gets scared, angry, stubborn, enslaved by likes and dislikes, by moods in time.
And emotional adventure is profound communication, feeling trusted, feeling appreciated for how you feel not for what you do or for what you say only.  Emotional adventure is supporting one another and feeling as one team, and not as two people with different paths who happen to live together or share a mutual liking.  Wherever we go we hold hands, we smile at each other and feel what the other one feels, we are in harmony/in sync, we vibe the same through aging/through time, etc. etc…  Only emotional understanding, emotional adventure, can unite two persons for life…
Love is energy, power, substance which does not have anything to do with the mind, with the ego; it only speaks purely through the heart and it connects through emotions. So a relationship’s strength and heart can be found through sincere and open emotions only.


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