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Divine fusion…

What creates dissension, wars, bullying, all aggression and neglect happening in the world today…??  What makes someone feel hate and feel threatened by someone else…??  Why is it that all mankind, but especially man, is reactive and stubborn, bellicose and unjust, towards other beings…??
The world is what it is today because of men which are filled with hatred and prejudice.  Women who follow these pitiful men are weak, but still they are not responsible for the origins of our hateful and ignorant society.  And men do not really feel connected to life, they believe themselves separated from other beings, they see what they want to see in their empty heads; and when there exists separation then fear appears.  When fear appears all sorts of problems arise in the mind–i.e., hate, envy, pride, stubborn views, and feelings of superiority.

If you actually felt the hurt of another person in yourself, would you bring that same hurt still upon him….??  If you actually felt the pain in your words within yourself, would you still tell those hurtful words to your wife, to your child….??   What if you were connected to another being in a way where you would feel the same joy or pain, happiness or misery, that being feels…??–Would you feel happy when that other being is joyful…??–Would you weep when that other being suffers…??  (Be honest with yourself, because you can lie to others but not to yourself; so do not let your ego make you feel superior in your own lies.)

If you can feel this then, not sometimes, not when you want, not with people and animals you like, but with ALL beings, then you have achieved the greatest state of empathy only Enlightenment brings.  And this means you have truly mastered yourself.  When you truly feel this, things change for you because fear does not grip you anymore; thus, politics and its nonsense becomes uninteresting to you and irrelevant to your happiness, you cease to build walls of prejudice and hatred in your own everyday life, religion is seen as the ignorance of fear, you become wise and understanding of how others think and feel…  Now, you entered a path of bliss where you connect to nature, to the simplicity of it, to the divinity of it…


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