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Have you seen the child in man…??


Have you seen the child in man…??  He likes to feel always strong and powerful, serious and deep in thought, always trying to fix everything, always desiring to compete with others and display his own wit; but, at the same time, he is a major mamma’s boy, a cry baby who’s deeply broken, he plays endlessly, he acts rudely and carelessly, he gets lost in the crowd of the other men who lost their inner child, he makes women cry with his false childish behaviors, he seeks understanding but he hides his emotions from women.  He seeks Enlightenment and love, but he does not accept his darkness and does not understand love.

Have you seen the child in man…??  I have lost it and life needs this great innocence, this powerful path to be.  The artist behind the brute.  The art behind the blemishes.  He shows his art but his emotions are not there.  He lacks something.  He lacks life…  Good women try to teach him, reach his emotions, smack sense into him, plug into his heart, but the beautiful child who plays endlessly and tries to seize true love, true creativity in play, is gone.  Have you seen him…??

When the stars shine.  Yes.  When the stars shine and the music is slow and sweet he runs away, hides under his own roughness, under his own selfish and ignorant wit.  So what is this man if not a coward…??…  As in pottery, he is clay to be molded and shaped into a great man; such man who understands that life is love and that love is life, and that opening your emotions is reaching life and allowing love to flow… to expand…  His very soul was entered through divine breath by the male-feminine Creator to evolve the first human of three fourth water and rest of the earth elements, but as he developed somehow the child in him was lost…  So, have you seen the child in man…??



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