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What Am I…??

Love is the human name which we give to what fills every atom in our bodies, and this divine energy of Creation resides beyond time and space, which is beyond every thought and feeling since these are of this named time and space. True love then is only known to us through a deeper connection, a powerful sense throughout our bodies.
But beware of thoughts and feelings which talk of intense attraction and which create attachment, for this is not love but a form of expression which is stimulated by the physical senses.  This form of intense attraction is indeed attachment, and attachment is not freedom; but attachment is tied to a strong desire you have, to the desire of others, it finds identity in others, it makes you lost without others…  So, ponder deeply what love really is…

What Am I…??”

Yes, as it be, my world has no bind,
I am from a place which is no place,
I am from a time which is no time,
Yes, I exist far beyond this space.
I came here to meet all and love all,
I stepped through the portal of flesh;
You and I freely flow towards the call,
Beyond idle chatter you and I mesh.

I am absolute freedom and I am you,
I do own all and I do not own things;
I am that which you see in the sky blue,
I am that which true happiness brings.
My very consciousness is most pure;
Enlightenment is my true level of Being.
Of society’s mental illness I am the cure;
You find me in you if you’re truly seeing.



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