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Beware of The Master!

How aware are you of the truth you know, or of the source of knowledge you have, or of the life you lead…??  Are you really independent, free, and individual in the way you think and act…??  Are you your own Master…??

The human mind seeks answers, solutions, revelations, greater experiences from outside itself; therefore, it enjoys clinging and attachment to whatever it is comfortable to its ego.  Are you aware of this yourself…??  This is why most people falls trap of becoming followers, slaves to religions, to certain men (spiritual or not), to traditions, to collective beliefs, to institutions, and to all the rest of the philosophies and techniques which encase the mind into a blinding pattern.

Do you realize that if you lean and find a false sense of security in something outside of yourself, then your mind becomes attached to it and you lose higher meditation, reality, conscience, and you begin seeing life through that which you follow so closely…??  And you start losing yourself in this method, in this Master, in this philosophy, in this man or god; thus, you distance yourself from self-love because now you live your life not as an individual who is free and conscious, but you live as someone who depends on someone else for love, happiness, for awakening, and for truth.

But truth can only be found in yourself as an individual experience; so, you cannot read about it, or hear it from someone else, or experience it through someone else’s story, but your mind must be absolutely free so you can inquire within yourself and discover it for yourself, without expecting, without blind faith, without clinging, without any attachment, and without any fear whatsoever.

Be aware of this at all times…


“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.”  ~ Buddha.


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