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Are you intelligent in your own life…??

Do you know why most people tend to make bad choices over and over again throughout their lives…??  People all over the world, even with higher education and vast experience, live in ignorance and create wars and all sorts of ignorant evil or mischief, so one wonders… aren’t these people with all their education and vast life experience supposed to be intelligent and create beauty instead of mayhem…?? …

So, what is really intelligence…??

All most of these people do is search for more success in the world, more recognition, more knowledge from books, more experiences, but all this goes to their intellect, which is the ego; so, all this is the accumulation of knowledge, superficial data which is gained by effort and struggle, as the mind is always trying to fix, always trying to achieve more and increase in superficial, mechanical awareness–an ambition which is capable of consuming the individual in pride of becoming better, more knowledgeable, more successful, more rich, more spiritual, etc..

All this never-ending struggle for becoming is a denial of what one really is, because one is never satisfied with that which one is, because one finds identity and worth, the ego finds identity and worth, in accomplishing and struggling to be.  This false identity and worth is tied then to our ego, to our daily thoughts of joy and suffering, to all feelings which like a roller coaster take us up and down in mood swings and through the neurosis of one’s state of mind.  This distances us from our real value and we start paying attention to people’s opinions of ourselves and to the very alluring but very ignorant society–i.e., what you should be, how is your life to be improved, what to eat, what to wear, what career to follow, etc.  Thus life becomes based on fear of not being better than somebody else and all fear of not becoming what they say we should become.  No real love grows within us…

But is there a superior way to internalize and accept that which one is without the struggle and obsession to become better…??

Meditation, observing, peering into oneself, is realizing that there is no struggle in being, that we do not need to seek for experiences and obsess over becoming this or that in order to accept life and flow with it.  Observing the tides or ocean waves going in and out is relaxing and powerful, and so there is much learning of wisdom in it; and so, one does not have to think and struggle to understand the movement of the waves, but in simply observing our consciousness grows because now there is no distance between you and the moving water, there is no word, there is no judgement, there is simply a superior understanding which is real intelligence where the ego is dissolved.

The same observing is required in all aspects of life to understand, to absorb wisdom and grow, to observe is to be intelligent without the struggle and desire to be intelligent.  Without comparing yourself to the world, without following, without all this behavior out of fear of not becoming this, you become really intelligent, you are what you are now; ergo, you follow your untainted heart without the ego demanding of you, you just flow and do not struggle to please others and fill the expectation others have of you.

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” ~ Albert Einstein.


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