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Mystical essence.

“The way you can go isn’t the real way.  The name you can say isn’t the real name.  Heaven and earth begin in the unnamed:  Name’s the mother of the ten thousand things.”  ~ Lao Tzu.


Mystical essence

It carries no name, quality, idea, or belief,
And yet the ordinary man tries to define it;
It must be felt deeper than what is deep,
And higher than what is high to the mind.
There is no source and no understanding,
For there is no bind to time and space,
For there is no question and answer;
There is no action but profound non-action,
And one with it is the superior realization
As the mind of the ordinary becomes it.
The eternal essence of the Mystical Flow
Allows morning dew to bathe gentle wind,
Allows blooming flower to share its perfume,
Allows magical connection between two souls.
The ether emanates from it in meditation;
So mind rejects what is not, embraces what is.
One with the ether of Cosmic Nature then
I become one and the same in essence;
Once I let go of all, it all comes to me;
Once I accept the flow, I am the flow;
Once it enters, I enter and differences vanish.
Droplets of morning dew bathe my conscience,
Immortality is now experienced in the conscious me.

~ Asa.


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