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Beyond it…

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”  ~ Rumi; Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.

“Birth and death are events in time and space.  There is nothing but Life.”  ~ Dr. Betty Kovacs; scientific philosopher, businesswoman, and author.

Life is eternal, wise and ubiquitous, and the fact that Life itself branches out and offers these physical aspects which provide a rich experience for us to develop, springs a duality and creates birth and death; however, because physical life is just a small aspect or branch of Eternal Life, then it means that whatever–birth and death in this case–happens in the physical is really just an entrance and an exit.


See it as doors which we use to enrich the experience of Eternal Life, because in order for you to understand birth and death, thus in order to dissipate all fear and anxiety, you need to see this as doors into rich and wise experience.

Hello and Goodbye, in this sense, does not exist; but, however, only the mortal mind/the ego experiences it as hello in birth and goodbye in death.

So, birth and death are two concepts generated by the physical senses; because the duality of this life in the ignorant mind of man creates fear and the birth and death of superficial beauty–i.e., not true beauty, for it is bound to time and space.

There is then no greater deception than this, for this deception poisons the mind and causes all kinds of fears, it engineers a great distance between you and happiness, it mars the eternal beauty of Eternal Life, and it distorts reality of what this life period really is and how you should live it.

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