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“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”  ~ Sam Keen; author, professor and philosopher.

“Love is happy when it is able to give something.  The ego is happy when it is able to take something.”  ~ Osho; Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher.


All human experience is based upon true love, or the essence of love; however, the ego always wants to design opinions and interpretations, it wants to deviate the experience–i,.e., give that experience different qualities, feel, concepts, etc. And when it comes to relationships specially, the ego comes suddenly and focuses on the superficiality which has nothing to do with true love.


The fact is that in any relationship, whenever you allow your attention to center on the flaws (which all human beings have) you are tied to think about those same flaws, your mind then suffers and becomes violent, and soon you create emotions which do not help but make everything worse in your life.

But when you focus on the positive behaviors or traits of the other person, then your mind frees itself from any suffering, your emotions help you experience happiness in each moment, and opportunities and life in general seem more enjoyable in all aspects.

On top of that, because you are focused on the good now, with your loving acceptance and example you pave the way for guiding yourself and the other person towards fixing those flaws or becoming better in the relationship.   This is the magic of true love.


Beyong the ego

Love does not exist

Within the ego’s mist.

True love is beyond opinion and want,

Beyond the selfish taunt.

It is not of this time and space,

Not even of the body and face;

True love is the essence of deep care,

Of our physical lives the same air.

                                                              ~ Asa

True love cannot exist if you judge or focus on the flaws of your partner, friend, or family member. True love is like a flame_


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