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Mental evolution.

“If the thinker can understand himself, then the whole problem is solved. Then he is creation, he is reality; and then what he does will not be antisocial. Virtue is not an end in itself; virtue brings freedom, and there can be freedom only when the thinker, which is the mind, ceases. That is why one has to understand the process of the mind, the ‘I’, the bundle of desires that create the ‘I’, my property, my wife, my ideas, my God. Surely it is because the thinker is so confused that his actions are confused; it is because the thinker is confused that he seeks reality, order, peace.”  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti; philosopher, public speaker, and author.


Mental evolution, the heights of the human mind, is the deep understanding of our own psychology; however, this mental understanding goes beyond psychology books and ancient philosophies, this mental evolution is a shedding of layers on our psyche.


This shedding of layers corresponds to the higher man in each one of us, and the higher man is the one that is truly free from its mind’s content–i.e., free from beliefs and rules designed by others, free from fantastical and rebellious ideas, free from his own selfish concepts and behaviors, etc.

In order for man to really experience constant and pure bliss, and thus be open to each moment with acceptance without being attached to people or things, he must search within himself and take time to know his psychology as the thinker, as the supreme being who is in charge of ruling over his own thoughts, emotions, and over the events in his life.

Unless said man do this with divine wisdom daily, he cannot enjoy the eternal fruits of life.



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