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“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”  ~ Buddha.

While thinking too much and living all day in your thoughts is a sure path to allow stress, worry, anger, and all tension to overtake your body, we have the real advocate for constant happiness and wisdom:  Our hearts.


Through our pure emotions without the nagging insistence and interruption from thought, through our pure hearts, Infinite Intelligence works without obstacle from dogma, belief, or idea; therefore, this is the elevation of the human being via deeper connection to who we really are.

This establishes that everything and anything regarding thought is either pleasure or pain, and it is never happiness–i.e., the ego might make it look like happiness, but it is just an illusion tied to this plane of change.

Awakening to this, is indeed elevation and wisdom to see beyond the designs of the flawed thought of man–religions, governments, nationalities, social classes, etc.  It is unwise then to follow the illusion of a pathetic culture or thought that says, “Die for YOUR country,” or “Honor YOUR culture,” or “Praise YOUR religion and its beliefs.”

Outside of you there is only space and time and garbage from selfish men who are not awakened, nor will be if they keep veiling themselves from the truth, who then try to escape fear and confusion by designing flawed illusions to get your attention.

The only reality there is, the only true freedom there is, is found within yourself.

Awakening is waiting inside, not outside.



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