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The Elevated One.

“The brainy class is made up of individuals who think for themselves and beyond formal education are continuous learners who tend to be self-taught.”  ~ Maximillian Degenerez; author, philosopher, and entrepreneur.


Do not let your ego veil you from reality, do not let your mind trick you into thinking that society’s education, society’s knowledge will awaken you, give you a better life, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

Most people become depressed and discouraged for not having formal education, but if they were to look into great men in all aspects of life in history–Jesus, Buddha, Edison, Rockefeller, Ford, etc.–then they would find out that the minds of men and women are only as good as their true divine desire to progress in life. Formal schooling had nothing to do with their success, but their own self-taught journey did.


Be yourself and do not put your trust in the world, in what the world teaches; the human mind’s only value is the one you give it by your own hard work and dedication, and it is not given by books or other minds (that can be of help but it won’t bring true success and happiness into your life).

Life is not a destination but a journey, and so happiness is; therefore, mental elevation and all self-education is the same.  Many people stop learning and creating ways to learn just because they finished college or high school and went on to a good job–and this won’t bring the experience of true happiness just because you feel good in your field, because you went to a good college, and because you make good money now, even if you are a good person. 

What makes for the experience of happiness, not pleasure but happiness, is your own directive and determination to learn for yourself throughout your life; because this is life’s true purpose:  Mental elevation and your own individual progress.

Analyze this and be wise.



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