The free mind of a human god!


“Work out your own salvation.  Do not depend on others.”  ~ Buddha.

“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.”  ~ Buddha.


Jesus, Buddha, and others never followed anybody, never belonged to any religion, never praised any man; thus, their minds were free of beliefs and dogmas, fear and imaginative stories, liberated from all this nonsense that veils the eyes of man today.

So, why do you ignorantly follow others…??  Why do you insist on praising The Bible, The Quran, and all this nonsense which only brings more confusion to the mind and serves the purpose of creating more illusion, the purpose of distancing yourself from divinity, from God, from the truth…??

If self-love is the way, the ones who follow others can never attain its eternal joy, nor can they truly awaken; for if you follow others, in any way, then it means you are switching your attention, your love, your divine energy, your trust, onto others and their madness, therefore you are neglecting your self, your soul, by fueling the ego, by praising the ego.

Be you own leader.Be your own boss.Be your own light.Stop giving credit tothe nonsense of religious books and religion.Think for yourself.Inquire within yourself.Use the light you have w

The ego grows by the attention you allow onto the world outside of yourself, the attention which you allow onto the beliefs and dogmas of society and all religions.
Religions, as societies, are born out of thought/the ego of man, designed to control man and its relation to all divinity; because if religion can control man (as it currently does), then its power and wealth are met.

Religions make billions every year and pay no taxes, they take from the poor and do not help end poverty.
When these institutions commit crimes (as they usually do, but are hidden from the general public), nothing happens to them, the law just gives them a fine and looks the other way, because their power is too large due to billions of fools that follow them blindly.

Do not be a fool, stop reading The Bible and all these books while thinking you are doing the right thing.  Learn the life philosophy of Jesus and Buddha, for they did not follow anybody. Be a leader unto your own self.
Just because you were born into a Catholic family, or any other religion, that does not mean you have to follow that blind path of asleep mediocrity.  I stopped following all religion and made my own path, started the magnificent awakening process due to my mind being absolutely free, and so able to free my spirit from the chains of beliefs and dogmas. 

So when are you starting your awakening and following your own path…??


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