Substance of vibration…

“Then there is the prayer, not for things or for people, but to experience reality, God, which is also frequently answered; and there are still other forms of petitionary prayer, more subtle and devious, but nevertheless supplicating, begging and offering.  All such prayers have their own reward, they bring their own experiences; but do they lead to the realization of the ultimate reality?  Are we not the result of the past, and are we not therefore related to the enormous reservoir of greed and hate, with their opposites?  Surely, when we make an appeal, or offer a petitionary prayer, we are calling upon this reservoir of accumulated greed, and so on, which does bring its own reward, and has its price.  Does supplication to another, to something outside, bring about the understanding of truth?”  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti; philosopher, author, public speaker, and educator.


The effective and real prayer is not empty, repetitive words (do not matter which words and where they are from), but is the unity of strong thought and heartfelt intention as feeling; it is vibration what speaks to the universe, high vibration.  The higher the rate of vibration, the higher the power of the prayer.



For example, when it comes to vibrational rate there is no higher vibration than spiritual vibration, and you can know this for yourself because the energy of the spirit body or consciousness can live in our body, travel out of the body, and even leave the body altogether when this physical body dies.  The lowest vibration is matter, you know this for yourself because our bodies cannot penetrate other materials of solid matter.

But thought is vibration in between the spirit and matter; our conscious minds emit thought of high vibration which can create and penetrate matter, but this thought-form is of the body so when it dies changing conscious thought-forms die with it.  Only the subconscious, Infinite Intelligence is eternal, is the reality.

Prayer for us humans is then a vibration of high rate which communicates to the energy of the universe, by the unity of thought and feeling–both of high vibrational rate.  Faith then has to have no fear and no confusion when it comes to prayer.  For how can faith be a little or half faith…??  It cannot exist where there is doubt or fear of any kind.

So when praying forget about the ritual of kneeling down, arm-crossing, reading from a book or repeating some ignorant mantra written by the imagination and ego of man.  Think about vibration and the unity of your heartfelt desire (thought) with your passionate emotion (the noble and inspiring feeling).



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