Self-help life truths. · The free mind of a human god!


“May your time in and with Nature, lead you to yourself.” ~ Native American proverb.

“Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.”  ~ Pythagoras.

Love is the only universal constant.  Remember that this love essence is not the love most people know, the love of the flesh and the thought; no, this love which is the universal constant goes beyond all this, because it is what permeates every thing and any thing, and because it is what connects us all–Blacks to Whites, Catholics to Buddhists, Muslims to Americans, Swedish to Argentinians, Mexicans to Canadians, criminals to normal citizens, lovers to haters, humans to rocks, animals to air, chairs to tables, light to dark, and all in between (whether you consider it alive or not all is energy, Oneness).

When someone truly accepts this universal love, not just with his mind seat of concept and all illusion from the ego, but with his whole being–his heart, mind, cellular composition, behaviors–then this person starts to see the invisible but very intense spirit of Oneness that links everything together, so that person starts a process of transfiguration from inside his being, and beauty and great wisdom takes over him, become him.

Life is the primordial unity, Nature constant, universal Oneness, and it can only be felt intensely if you allow yourself communion in silence with yourself, with your mighty and wise subconscious, Infinite Intelligence, with patience and self-love, with character and confidence in yourself and in the connection you yourself have with every thing and any thing around you.

But you must make an effort to control your anger, your opinion, your judgements of difference in your mind towards all which surrounds you (everything that is breathing or not); for Oneness, true connection with all, can only be felt if you avoid the poisonous influence of your own ego separating everything all the time, making labels and concepts to divide life all the time, and also if you see the love or primordial essence linking us all as one.

This is ultimate wisdom which shall give you all the strength you need to elevate your mind, body, and spirit to heights of bliss you never before knew.



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