The Watcher.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson; American essayist, poet, and lecturer.

“I can have peace of mind only when I forgive rather than judge.”  ~ Gerald Jampolsky; psychiatrist, health advocate, businessman, educator, and author.


Peace is synonymous with true love and real strength, with wisdom and tranquility during challenging times; when the mind is overly excited about something, overwhelmed with stress, swallowed by anger, and poisoned by all fear, the mind cannot align with the heart and so is taken by the ego, and so it makes mistakes and creates suffering.

When you can watch your mind and reflect over your thoughts, whether those are negative or positive, then you become better to what you were before in every way, your heart becomes purified and strong for the challenges of life, because now you are mastering yourself and so you become a Buddha or a Christ unto yourself.


Why allow your mind to be carried away by poisonous people around you…??  Why let your body get swallowed and overcome by all sorts of tensions and destructive behaviors…??  Why all these pressures when you can watch your own mind and see that it remains peaceful despite the bad energy of others and the chaos of the environment…??

Sure it is an effort, difficult at first, to constantly watch your mind and avoid situations and people that can rob you of mental peace; but, however, think it through, isn’t it worth to guide yourself and your loved ones to constant and pure happiness, to have the confidence to be unique and achieve your heartfelt goals in life…??
What inevitably awaits for you in a mind that is not peaceful, is fear and all stress, lack of self-confidence and the trauma to your body which creates all illnesses.  This is lack of self-love.

If you are one of those unwise people in the world that believes that peace of mind is weakness, you should really analyze what the meaning of universal love is, because love is the only constant reality–not romantic love, but beyond that. 

The rest is the illusion the ignorant mind creates.


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