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Beyond concepts…

“Never above you.  Never below you.  Always beside you.” ~ Walter Winchell; American newspaper and radio commentator.


Man and woman have sprung out of the same essence, and out of this essence we have our human duality.  Woman and man, when their souls connect and they allow themselves to share ideas and behaviors, to grow and learn from each other, then become one and the same.  This deeper love is going back to Source, merging souls, twin flames, becoming that same essence from which they have sprung before matter was born out of Oneness.

This condition goes beyond human love; for human love, as noble as it can be, is just a thought and an action chained to fear of loss, jealousy, pride, and so on and so forth.  This love goes beyond passion and desire; for passion and desire, as great as they can be, are just born out of flawed human thought.

The similarities and joys of man and woman when they find each other by soul emanation and not merely by physical attractiveness, then, are certainly greater than anything ever felt–i.e., greater than sex, greater than food, greater than sunshine bathing you after freezing cold, etc.  It is very rare to experience this extreme joy and profound harmony, because we all see love as human love, exciting, pleasurable, but flawed and common as human love can be.

We must then always look for mental elevation, because in soulmates there has to be this condition of Oneness ever so eternal flowing through all of us.  This condition that unites us beyond our opinions and beliefs, beyond our differences and imperfections.

Soulmates find each other not by search as we know it to be, but by vibes, energy emanation through conscious awareness of ourselves and of what we really are.  Because if we know what we really are beyond what we see in the mirror, then we know true self-love.  And if we know true self-love, then there is no fear.  And when there is no fear corrupting the emanations of energy of the being, then two soulmates attract each other instantly and naturally.



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