Poetry and prose from the heart. · Self-help life truths.

Remind yourself…

We live in an interactive universe, a dynamic dimension where everything is deeply connected–connected to our parents through genetic material, experiences as members of a family, loving lessons taught; connected through conscious energy to our thoughts, the thoughts of others, our vital energy, the vital energy of others; connected to events through memories, empathy, personal experiences; and so on and so forth.
Even if we have no other person around, or have distances with our loved ones, we must remember what connects us to one another and our role in this vast and magnificent Conscious Creation.

When you feel alone or unworthy, remember that you are an important part of Creation, and that without you the universe or God wouldn’t be able to experience itself through you and through the choices you make in life. 

In this sense, your mortal body and mind are aiding the vital energy of the Cosmos to experience bliss and know itself through the things you as a human being create–i.e., through the sadness, the happy moments, the conversation of discovery with other human beings, through the friendships, the travels, the negative and positive thoughts you create, etc.

Make it count and guide your life towards something wonderful God can experience through you, something that elevates and creates beauty…



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