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“To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.”  ~ Pauline Hanson; Australian politician, senator, founder and leader of the movement One Nation Party.

A global community of sameness.
Planet Earth. Home to about 7.5 billion people. A planet of vast riches, both in sentient beings and habitats. On the surface, human beings have differences–i.e., cultures, races, beliefs, lifestyles, ideas, all appearance. Beyond those, lies our true values and state of Being; and this is the same for all of us, because it is in fact the essence of freedom and love as the most pure state of the whole of Creation. Some call this Oneness.

Human beings are one race which branches out into many superficial forms–i.e., skin colors, languages, lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, beliefs of all kinds, ideas, and so on and so forth.  But all this is what the physical senses, and our society, obviously, has made us believe.  This is the superficial appearance of humankind.  The truth absolute, the very values powerful enough to sustain our spirit, lies beyond this superficial appearance.

This is why most people get depressed and feel lonely, feel worthless and unable to reach what their hearts desire, their potentials to soar above their challenges; because they do not actually take the time to delve into themselves and find out the truth for themselves, but they, in their ignorance, go to a religion, to their culture, to their family and friends, to their beliefs, to politics, to allow others to tell them what is truth and valuable in the human spirit or in life. 

If one is to find confidence and see beauty in all of Creation, one MUST embrace self-love and the value of the human being as one.  Self-love and acceptance of yourself will take you to a higher elevation of your own views and perceptions.  And so you will see beyond the ego of your thoughts and your actions, anger and prejudice towards others will disappear as magic, and you shall see the light which shines for all of us the same way, without disputes and differences of appearance.

As the worm or caterpillar sheds its cocoon and transforms itself in the beautiful butterfly, you shall be raised to a higher elevation of mind to see the real value of humankind as one being. 



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