Poetry and prose from the heart.

The Magic Sword.

The magic sword.”


There was once a knight of vast courage and great might

In a world of absolute darkness and monsters of fright,

Who fought to eradicate the Forces of Evil;

And yet the incredible story tells of a great upheaval,

Of  cruel demigods and crooked magicians in the land

Who one night the great knight in a magic box they did strand.


Hellish sounds and ghoulish voices tormented him that night of profound fate,

Without his freedom for several days and nights the suffering was great;

But, suddenly, there was a light which exploded and conquered darkness!

WOW!–  It was a beautiful sword, its glint, its power, its sharpness!



The legend goes the sword indeed came from some place distant,

Forged in Heaven for eons the sword had been all evil resistant.


Soon our knight was armed with valor and confidence again,

He grabbed the sword, through the use of its magic his freedom did gain.

When he left the dark box he summoned evil and fought without rest,

Banished darkness, brought peace to his land because the sword was blessed.

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