Poetry and prose from the heart.

Hope and belief

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.; American Baptist minister, and Civil Rights Movement activist.


“Hope and Belief”

It is a sign in the sky,
When all is blue and begins to cry;
And when the drops start to fall,
It is like falling out of love;
And when love away does fly,
It feels like a void deep inside;
And when our life feels hollow and dry,
It feels like withering to little by little die;
And when we have no goals at the end,
It is just like direction from above hasn’t been send;

And when we are lost and set adrift,
There is only the memories we have lived;
And when we stop making new memories to remember,
It is like no personal growth or bliss to enter;
And when we change direction to thoughts of depression,
It is like we lost all sense and determination;
And when we give no sensitive ear to the whisper of the heart,
It is like drowning ourselves in the depths of the seas’ most dark;
And when our hearts stop the rhythm of life,
We have lost the beauty around us which lies in plain sight …


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