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The diamond in the rough (1-min. read)

“By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.” ~ Grenville Kleiser; instructor in public speaking and motivational speaker and author.


     When I was a child I had a very serious foot surgery, or surgery of a serious flat feet condition.  After this surgery, I had extremely painful months without moving, and then I had to learn to walk again going through therapy and whatnot.  From that serious challenge in my life, one which I always remember when I look at the huge warrior scars left on each side of my feet, I learned that the path to self-discipline is patience and unwavering focus on the higher goals one has, which in my case back then was the goal of my utter recovery from that feet condition to thus start walking again in my normal living, to go back to the clear and complete functioning of my legs and feet.  But, most importantly, I learned that self-discipline itself lies in the details of the direction of our thoughts.  I came to the realization that to have self-discipline one needs to give a certain useful direction to thought-energies, because it is all about how to use and guide mental energies.

See, thoughts are powerful energy, but misguided or diamond-in-the-rough energy, that needs to be given a constructive purpose and a path to create or reach a condition desired—i.e. great inner wisdom, solid self-confidence, constant fearlessness, attractive qualities, wealth of character, etc. etc.; it all may be reached through the molding and shaping of this almighty energy we call ‘self-discipline.’



Furthermore, this mentioned entity itself is indeed a condition living and flowing freely within our immense consciousness, or conscious awareness of yourself and of the world around you.  This is why many people seem not to have self-discipline or even embrace their Higher Selves through self-discipline, because, as mentioned above, it is indeed a living state or condition in our conscious awareness; and this means that as long as we increase our conscious awareness of the exact goals we have, gather the necessary mental data to plan the reaching of those goals, and inquire within ourselves as to the real meaning for us to get what we desire, then we will accomplish and master self-discipline without a doubt, but if we do not do these things nothing will be accomplished due to a weak mind condition and poor vision of what we desire (a sickness which poisons the mental awareness of the masses).

Like this, humanity considers diamonds extremely valuable; however, have you really pondered the origin of diamonds and the similarity they reflect upon the mental energy or energies we are talking about here…??  Let us then mull over the implications together, shall we?:  Millions, or even billions of years ago, tremendous heat and pressure turned pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals one hundred miles or more below the earth’s crust.  Eventually, volcanic activity brought diamonds closer to the earth’s surface.  Volcanic pipes, or Kimberlite pipes, drive diamonds to the surface while cooling them on the way up; and, so, today diamonds are indeed mined in areas which have had volcanic activity in the past, including ocean floors and gravel beds.  Now, as diamonds travel up to the shell of  the earth, they occasionally combine with trace amounts of other minerals even as they take on  a wealthy variety of colors.

Although these stunning, admired gemstones may give the sudden impression of being feeble glass, they are actually the hardest, most natural material on Planet Earth.  This is a very accurate and beautiful example to describe the hidden energies of self-discipline within you.  In the same sense, we can reflect upon it with the equal admiration we may have for these precious gems, if not with more admiration and clear awe, since self-discipline may provide to you enormous wealth beyond your very dreams.  Once, pure carbon was worthless and living in the innermost depths of the earth, more like the raw energies of passion and self-discipline exist together in our consciousness or conscious awareness—i.e. both are beyond our practical use, both are of no value whatsoever to us in that raw state or natural condition.

But as the volcanic activity happens and brings these diamonds in the rough up to the surface, they transform or transmute into something exceedingly valuable and rare; as you can see in the example, this same volcanic activity in us is the sheer will or unrelenting desire to bring these raw energies (diamonds in the rough) up to the surface of our own minds to be converted or  transmuted into powerful self-discipline we can use to better ourselves and our lives.


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